Clockwork Crusade

Game Overview


At the beginning of the game all players will start with an infantry card. This card may never leave this player’s possession. This will be the first and only unit you can produce at the start of the game.

This is a deck of cards that will determine which units you will be able to produce in game. It also contains special cards which will give you one time use abilities during the game. You will acquire these during the game.

These are the board that you play on. They will be placed next to each other to make one large board at the beginning of the game.

This will be used to write on the Unit Tokens.

Each player has a set of Unit Tokens with their color on them. These have clear writable tops where you can mark the type of unit and will be placed on the board as representations of your units.

Each player has a set of Gate Tokens with their color on them. These each have an arrow that will point to one side of them. When these are placed on the board, the arrow will point to the space in which your units will be portaled in.

When attacking and defending players will each roll two six sided dice and add the attack or defense stat from their unit to the roll. The person with the highest roll will win, with ties going to the defender. This is explained in depth in the attacking section.

You will keep track of your resources on paper.

Card Types

Unit Cards

Name: The name of the unit.

Type: The type of unit this card is. Unit Types are listed below.

Cost: The amount of resources this unit costs to produce.

Range: The distance that this unit can attack.

Attack: The bonus you add to your dice roll when attacking.

Defense: The bonus you add to your dice roll when defending.

Movement: The amount of hex grids this unit may move in one turn. You may always move less than your maximum movement.

Ability: Any special ability this unit has. A unit that has nothing in this space means it has no special abilities. See the back of the instructions for ability descriptions.

Levels (2.0 & 3.0): These numbers represent additional levels for your unit. TO achieve these levels, you merely have to own more than one unit card of that unit type. For instance, if you have two of the same unit card, all units of that type gain the '2.0' bonus. If you have three of the same card they receive the '3.0' bonus.

Unit Card Types

Soldier: A soldier card may capture territories. They are generally weaker than vehicles with less defensive scores, but are necessary to keep control of the board.

Vehicle: The meat of your offensive and defensive team will be your vehicles. Though you do not start the game with any of these, you will surely gain some as you draw cards.

Building: Buildings work differently than other units in that they do not have a defensive roll. Instead, in their defensive stat they have a single number. An attacker must roll higher than this number in order to destroy this unit. Also, unless the building has the Ability ‘Mounted Weaponry’ they may not attack or counter attack. All buildings have a movement of 0. When a building is portaled in during the Portal step of a player’s turn, that player may choose any unoccupied hex grid in the territory that it was spawn in and place it there. Once it is placed it may not be moved again.

Special Cards

Name: The name of the card.

Ability: These cards will have one time use abilities that may be used anytime during your turn unless otherwise stated. Once used, these cards are discarded. If a Special Card seems to break a game rule, follow the text on the card instead of the game rule.

Starting the Game

Playing the Game

Your Turn

A turn consists of a couple steps, and during each you may do the actions



Gate Tokens

Winning the Game

Unit Abilities